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Upstairs in the Nor-Ag Ltd Building


Agricultural Applications

Types of Control Panel
Feed Batching
Grain Handling
Fertilizer Blending
Oil Press
Variable speed drives
Environmentally Friendly

Types of Mills
Disc Mill
Hammer Mill
Roller mill
Pellet mill

Windows 7 Professional
Accessible Solid State hard drive
Automated Batching System    
Xecutive+ Edition security features
Password Protected Recipes    
Industrial Ethernet communications package

Motor Controls
Mixer discharge
Mill discharge
Mill supply auger
Receiving Leg
Grinder feeder screw conveyor
Grinder discharge
Back draft gate
    Micro discharge
Dust fan
Micro Scale discharge
Mixer intake conveyor
Mixer gate

Systems Features
Micro Flush feature
Auto-Drive for the Mill
Auto-Gap for Disc & Roller Mills
Absolute rotary encoder
Swinebooks Interface (CB-LINK)
Main ingredients up to 32/scale
Micro ingredients
Auto Drive for Blower
Auto Destination
System Flush
Oil reservoir solenoid control

Systems we will Upgrade
Compu-Blend 600
Compu-Blend 1100
Compu-Blend 2200
Compu-Blend 5000
Compu-Blend 7000
Compu-Blend Express
Compu-Blend XRT
Easy Automation
LV Controls

Full Development:
  If you do not currently have an
Automated System, we will sit down
with you and review all of your

current needs and discuss your future

plans so we can develop a system

Custom to you!